Who is AgamemCon?

Alec Orrock
Jeff Horvat
Chief Financial Officer
Director of Operations
Jeff Miller
Director of Programming
Pam Buck
Director of Guest Relations
Green Room/Hospitality
Special Events
Mike Berg
Doug Hosford
Video Programming
Steve Roberts
Cat Devereaux
Jim Morley
Panel Room A
Cathy Udovch
Con Suite
Robyn Bertsch
Gameing Supervisor
Kristian Miller
Miniatures Gaming
Leroy Nakamura
Sandra Lea Deakins
Christine Cloak
Dealers Liason

Alec Orrock

It all started way back in the day, sometime in the summer of � when he first began watching Star Trek on TV. A science fiction fan ever since, Alec "arrived" in fandom in 1986 when he attended his first convention, a small local comics show. Since then he has participated in and started several clubs ranging from the science fiction club in high school to various anime clubs in the late 80's and early 90's including local chapters of the CF/O as well as Summer Side, which he founded in 1990.

Over roughly the past fifteen years, Alec has attended almost 200 conventions ranging from anime to comics to SF&F. After attending a few dozen of these events he thought it would be a good idea to volunteer his services to a few of them including WesterCon in � and several Project A-Kons in Dallas. One day in 1996 he received a blow to the head while driving a U-Haul up to Santa Rosa and decided that he too could run a con. But what to call it? Shortly there after Alec was talking about the idea of a full-blown convention with friend and cohort Jeff Horvat (with whom he ran several one-day events called the "SciFi Swapmeet" when Jeff jokingly suggested the name "AgamemCon" as a play on the ship Agamemnon from the show Babylon 5. After all, the convention was to focus around the show, so why not have a name that fit. After hearing this, Alec thought this was a "great idea" (to Jeff抯 cries of "It was just a joke!!") and thus was born the AgamemCon convention. After chairing AgamemCon I & II, Alec once again takes the helm for AgamemCon III.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Alec recently got married back in October of last year to Pam Buck, who he has known since the early days of anime fandom in the mid-80's. In addition to running and working on cons, he works as an Information Systems Technician for the County of Orange. Alec lives in Laguna Hills with Pam and "the cat".

Jeff Miller

I've been into science and science fiction since I saw the first moon landing when I was 5. I've been voraciously reading science and science fiction books ever since.

I got into science fiction cons late in life (early 80s) when I was dragged into working on a science fiction con with other members of the Star Trek Association of Irvine (STAI). I've been working at and attending SF conventions ever since. When a bunch of us got together to talk about putting on a convention of our own, we decided that we'd try to put together a con that we would enjoy attending. I hope that you have as much fun as we do.

In the "real world," I run the databases and network for a mortgage broker in Orange County, CA and share a house with two cats.

Pam Buck

Born 32 years ago, in sunny southern California, Pam Buck had no idea she would be entertaining actors, directors, screenwriters, and other media professionals at a science fiction convention. As Director of Guest Relations, Pam is responsible for making sure all guests of the convention have the bagel of their choice; a warm Guinness; and that they get to their panels unmolested. When not dealing with con related activities, Pam plays goalie in hockey in both local leagues and in international tournaments.

Cathy Udovch

Greetings and Salutations fellow B5 fans from your Hospitatity Coordinator (or whatever you decide for a title). Since I'll be in charge of the Con Suite, I thought I should tell you the 4 most important words for why you should visit our Con Suite, "I Like To Bake". No, I am not on happy pills, but I will be in a good mood during AgamemCon III because I will be graduating from Cal. State Fullerton with a Special Education Teaching Credential just 2 weeks prior to the con. After the con, I plan to travel to Mainland China to tour a bit and to practice my Mandarin language skills. Alongside watching great Science Fiction television, I like watching several sports, including Ice Hockey, Gymnastics, Figure Skating and most Martial Arts, I even have a 2nd degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. When I am not watching Sci-fi shows and sports, I am watching foreign films, most notably, those from Hong Kong and Japan. So, that's a little bit about me, the person who will be in charge of the munchies during the con, please stop by the Con Suite and say "Hello".

Sandra Lea Deakins

I started as an amature photographer at a very young age taking photos of family, friends, pets--zoo animals, anything that would hold still long enough to focus!

Photography has been my driven profession since my late teens shooting weddings, parties, sporting events, and more recently for Equine breeders and trainers.

I've been in college musicals, several T.V. productions and a couple of movies. I'm a master costume designer, actress, singer, makeup artist, video and camera operator. I also enjoy many activities such as horseback riding (I own an Arabian horse), archery, tennis, motorcycle riding, fencing, and hiking.

I've worked for Comiccon, Worldcon, Westercon, Equicon, Starcon, among others and now AgamemCon. I'm very excited to be staff photog for AgamemCon and hope to continue for many years to come!

See you all there!

Cat Devereaux
Cat Devereaux got a late start in fandom but has been very busy since then. This includes being Backstage Manager for all special events from the Masquerades to the Hugo awards for multiple WorldCons and CostumeCons. She has worked every position in a masquerade from gofer to den mom to judge and back again many times. This year she returns as AgamemCon's Masquerade Director.

She has been active in the costuming community for over 10 year, including being president of the Costumer's Guild West, Dean of Costumer College and editor of the International Costumer's Guild's "Costumer's Quarterly". She teaches at costuming conferences and writes for both local and international publications. She is co-author of "The Masquerade Handbook". She has also done costuming design for film, video and stage.

Cat pays the rent working at New Line Cinema daily torturing computers (and sometimes programmers) as a Business Systems Analyst.

Christine Cloak
I was born to a "trekie" (my mom was proud of being called that) so I grew up watching Star Trek and other Sci Fi shows with my mom. I went to my first convention with my parents when the Next Gen was first taking off. When I went to college at UC Irvine my roommate found out I liked Star Trek and haunted houses and invited me to help out at the haunted house her club was doing. That club was the Star Trek Assoc. of Irvine (STAI) and I soon found myself an officer in the club. 10 years later I am still friends with many of the STAI members, and game with them on a weekly basis. It was through some of those friends that I got involved in doing security and other odd jobs for AgamemCon three years ago.

In the so called real world I am in my fourth year in the UCLA Neuroscience PhD program and study the biochemical abnormalities associated with psychiatric disorders and addictions. I am in leadership training in the women's ministry at my church. And I live with my two cats.

Doug Hosford
I have been a Science Fiction fan since I first saw a first run episode of Star Trek. In 76 I joined Star Trek Association of Irvine (STAI) that I was active in for over 15 years. During that time I was introduced to Conventions. I've worked many a fan con in the Film and Video Room for the past twenty years.

I work as a consultant for a company that designs custom database and web applications for our clients.

Mike Berg
I've been reading and watching science fiction since I was a kid. I've attended several sf conventions and I usually end up as security.

Outside of conventions, I've been in the Airforce, a furnature mover, a bouncer, and a trucker.

Jim Morley
Jim Morley started working with sound systems at his high school radio station back in the early seventies. Since then he has gone on to work for five rock bands, three music stores and two pro-sound companies. While living in Florida he worked as a club DJ for two bars in the Ft. Myers area. In 1996 Jim founded his own sound company, ZTX Event Productions. As an author and a programmer, he has crafted such mega-hits as "Devil Cows From Mars" and "FyrWorld 2000". Jim enjoys classic style science fiction and thin crust pizza.

Steve Roberts
Steve Roberts has been a sci-fi fan since he was young and stayed up late with his mom to watch Star Trek, UFO and Space: 1999. This continued into the 80's, when he spent his high school and college free time watching 8th generation copies of Zeta Gundam, and tossing around autofire NNDs in Champions. He is a sci-fi club and convention veteran, and while sulking at another con that shall remain nameless, Steve was persuaded (kidnapped) by the good folks of AgamemCon to work for them doing PR and registration.

When not doing things fannish, Steve is trying to carve out a career in the entertainment industry.

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