What is AgamemCon?

AgamemCon is a convention run by fans for fans. We set out to put together a convention that we would like to attend.

We have two panel rooms and several breakout rooms, a huge dealer's room, a video/film room, a gaming room, a con suite, a signing area, fan and club tables, a floor dedicated to room parties, and we are happy to announce a third panel room dedicated to OASIS for National Space Society panels.

We have several events planned including, a charity auction Saturday evening, a masquerade Saturday night followed by a dance, role playing and tactical tournaments, and parties parties parties. Parties include a Friday night party, a Dead Dog party Sunday night, and lots of room parties.

For the panels, we have people from all aspects of producing science fiction including authors, writers, producers, editors, actors, prop makers, set builders, costume designers, CGI artists, game designers, and fans. Bridging the gap between fiction and reality, OASIS will bring people to talk about our current and future space program.

We hope that you will have as much fun as we intend to.

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