AgamemCon IV Volunteer Form and Information Sheet


Thank you for your interest in volunteering for AgamemCon IV. We need people to work in pretty much every department including, but not limited to: Registration, Publicity, Security, Operations, Programming, Con Suite, Gaming, and Masquerade.

We are looking for people to work both before and during the convention. As the con grows, so does the amount of preparation work that needs to go into it.

All new volunteers need to be paid members of AgamemCon IV, so remember to send in for your membership early to get the lower rates. The benefit to this is that you have two badges, one regular membership and one volunteer. So when you are off-duty, you can wear your regular badge without running the risk of "Hey, can you help out at reg. for 'a few minutes?' "

How much time is involved?
Though we don't have a minimum number of hours that you are "required" to work, we do ask that if you do volunteer (either before or during the con), you plan on putting in a "reasonable" amount of time. For example, at the con a shift would be no fewer then 3-4 hours. Of course, the more time you want to put in the better, but if you are only able to put in one shift per day, that's fine with us!

What's in it for me?
A very good question! Free stuff is always good, but since we don't know what, if any, stuff that we might get until right around the time of the con, it's hard to say. We can say however, that those who do volunteer will get first crack at anything we end up getting. In addition to that, those people who put in a total of 12 hours over the course of the con or beforehand (3 shifts of four hours, or whatever combination works best) will receive a full membership to AgamemCon V. You'll also have access to our Staff Lounge. This will be a separate room where you can go and relax, grab some quick snacks or a drink, and unwind while off-duty. And lastly, there's the sheer thrill and joy that come with working a con! We hope that will be enough to entice you to help.

What do I need to do?
If you are ready to jump in, please take a few minutes to complete the questions and information section below. Then just mail it back to us at:

AgamemCon IV, Attn: Volunteer Forms
PMB# 330
92 Corporate Park, Suite C
Irvine, CA 92606

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line at the convention address, email us at:

Thanks for your support!!
State, Zip_____________________________________________
Home Phone Number (_______)________-__________________
Work Phone Number (_______)________-__________________
E-mail address_________________________________________
Pager, Cell Phone, etc. (_______)________-_________________
Age _______ If under 18, attending with parent? _____________

For those interested in helping before the con:
Would you be able to attend staff meetings, generally on weekends (in Orange County)?____________________________

What type of things would you be most interested in helping with before the con (ie: helping with flyer distribution, working at fan tables at other cons, etc.)?

For those interested in helping at the con:
What days will you be attending the con? ___________________
When will you be arriving/leaving the con? _________________
Will you be staying at the hotel?___________________________
If so, which nights? ____________________________________
Will you have a vehicle available during the con (for things like food runs, picking up 11th hour supplies, etc.)? ______________

There are many different departments that make up the con. Most work during the "day" periods of the con. But some, like tech crew and security work odd hours, sometimes into the late night time. Please give an idea of when you would be interested in working (ie: "mornings", "evenings/nights", etc.)

As mentioned above, there are many different areas that you can help out in, each with its own needs and skills. If you have any specific questions on what is needed in any certain dept., please feel free to drop us a line. Please list here, in order of preference, what depts./jobs you would be most interested in. We can't guarantee anyone any specific area, but we'll try and work it out to everyone's satisfaction.

Have you worked at other conventions?___________________

If yes, please briefly list which ones and what you worked on

Any special comments or needs?_________________________

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