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Q. How do I make a reservation at the Hilton Burbank Airport for AgamemCon?

A. There are several methods available to you for making your reservations, either by phone or via the internet. You can call the hotel directly (recommended) at (818) 843-6000 Monday through Friday from 8-5 Pacific Time. You can also call the Hilton's national reservations number toll-free at 800-HILTONS [(800) 445-8667]. Be sure to let them know that you are with AgamemCon (group code AGA) when making the reservation.

You can also make your reservation on-line by linking to the Burbank Hilton's web site by first going to the AgamemCon site at Please remember to use the three letter "group code" for AgamemCon in order to get the proper room rates when making your reservations online. The group code for AgamemCon is: 'AGA'

Q. What are the room rates for staying at the hotel?

A. The special lower convention rates for AgamemCon are $92/night plus tax for a single or double room with a charge of $10 extra per person. Two room Junior Suites are available for $124/night plus tax. Normal rates at the Hilton are substantially higher.

Q. Why should I stay at the convention hotel?

A. Staying at the convention hotel helps both you and the convention.

1. It helps you because by staying at the hotel where everything is happening you won't have to worry about missing any events or other activities going on during the weekend. You will never have that far to go after staying up till all hours chatting with friends, watching movies, gaming, or anything else that might be going on.

2. You will also save on parking costs. While the rates for both hotel guests and those who are only attending for one day are the same for one exit, those staying at the hotel have the greater advantage of 'in/out' privileges and thus do not have to pay each time they go out.

3. It also helps the convention quite a bit. We need to get a certain number of rooms sold in the hotel in order to get even a discount on the large amount of convention space we are using. If we do not, then we end up paying a large amount and the chances of continuing the convention into future years is drastically reduced.

4. By staying at the hotel you help both yourself and the convention. Because we want to help in any way we can, we have done things such as arranged for restaurant and shopping guides to the local area, added links on our web site to travel and city related sites, arranged for a travel agent to help with any airline or car rental needs you might have, and programmed items into the evening to make sure you're never bored. If you have any questions or if there is anything we can help you with regarding reservations or other hotel questions, please feel free to drop us a line.

Q. Do you have any helpful hints that you could offer for those who are making reservations and want to try and avoid any unforeseen hassles or other issues?

A. Sure, there is a lot to remember when calling to make your hotel reservation. By asking a few questions and knowing a few things to say ……… and not to say, the process can be fast and easy.

1. Write down your confirmation number and all pertinent information regarding your reservation, such as whos name was the reservation made under, what are the arrival and departure dates, what type of room was requested, and were there any special requests made.

2. CALL back at least once prior to leaving for the convention to confirm your reservation and all the details. Make sure they have any and all special requests that you may have made, such as wanting a non-smoking room on the party floor.

3. More often then not, many reservations agents are not fully aware of all the various deals and arrangements made with each and every convention in each and every hotel in the Hilton chain. One of the best things that you can do to make sure you get the most "local" information is to make your reservations by calling the Burbank Hilton directly at (818) 843-6000 Monday through Friday from 8-5 Pacific time. They may try and have you call the national number, which you may choose to do, but the people who are actually there tend to have a better idea of what events are coming in and what special arrangements have been made such as "party floors" and the like.

4. Here's a tricky one for you, when looking at the rates you will notice that it's $92 a night plus tax for a single or a double. What this means is that you can have two people in one room for $92 a night plus tax with EITHER one bed or two beds. If you want to have any additional people in your room, the hotel will charge you $10 per night per person extra, IF you tell them. In the long run this may not be all that much money. But if you've got four people staying in one room for four nights, that can add up a bit.

Q. What's this I see about getting a room on the "party floor"?

A. AgamemCon has arranged with the Hilton Burbank to have special floor(s) set aside during the run of the convention for those people or groups who wish to host their own private room party. This is common at many SF cons around the country and world. These parties are generally held by people looking to promote their club or fan group or even other conventions. Sometimes people just do it for the fun of it. AgamemCon has asked the hotel to block one or more floors in the East Tower (the one closest to the convention center) for those who are interested. The idea is to keep everyone in one area and thus hopefully reduce any chance of noise complaints or other issues.

The East Tower is located right next to the convention center portion of the hotel were most of the convention activities take place. Also, most if not all of the Junior Suites (most popular with those people hosting said parties) are also located in the East Tower. If you are interested in hosting a party for your club, convention, or just for the fun of it, please remember to request that your room be on the party floor. Note that in many cases they may not be fully aware of the specific arrangements made with AgamemCon, so if there is any question ask the person taking your reservation to place that note in the special requests field. Upon check-in (and we suggest you plan on arriving as early as possible) double check to see that your room is in the correct location. You may even want to call once before leaving for the convention to be sure that request is attached to your reservation request and confirmation number.

Q. There didn't seem to be any indication as to a "party floor" at the con.

A. The "party floor" is designated by the hotel as being in the East Tower (where all the junior suites are located). The exact floor is determined just short of the actual convention, taking into account room availability on each floor plus type of room, etc. For A3, we had two "party floors", one smoking and one non-smoking (yet another thing to consider when making reservations). These were the 2nd and 3rd floors of the East Tower.

As far as the number of parties, well that's certainly something we'd like to see increase. But, all we can do is lead people to the hotel. We can't force them to host parties. In this case it's up to both the people throwing the party and the fan interested in attending said parties to both post signage and information and to seek out said signage and information. Since we don't know in advance what floor(s) will be allocated, there is no way to publicize that information in advance. The only way to do it is on site. For that we have message and flyer boards, flyer table, and walls (so long as "non-destructive tape" is used). It's also, for the most part, the responsibility of each party host to make sure they have a room located on the correct floor. The best way to do this is to make a request when making the reservation, call at least once after that to confirm the information, and then again when checking in.

Q. Last year I noticed that those attending the convention were spread out between the two towers. I think it would be better if they put everyone in one tower and maybe on a few specific floors. It was a hassle having to go back and forth between towers to visit with friends at the con.

A. Other then a request to be on the "party floor" (see above) the location generally depends on type of room reserved, availability of said room, and time of arrival in both time of day and what day [i.e.: Thursday, Friday, etc.] you arrive. As you can see, there are many factors involved in the location of your room. HOWEVER, what you can do is request both at the time of reservation and the time of check in that your room be located in a certain area. Be it in the East Tower or "as close as possible to the convention center". Keep in mind however the type of room being reserved. In the case of the Burbank Hilton (and many other hotels in general) certain types of rooms (suites, kings, etc.) are located in different areas. At the Burbank Hilton, all the Junior Suites are located in the East Tower as an example. To make sure you get the best information, you can always call the Burbank Hilton directly and ask them what is available where.

Q. What can I do and who can I talk with if I have any questions?

A. Though the hotel staff should be able to help in many areas, if they are unable to answer your questions or if you have any issues regarding your reservations, please feel free to contact us at any time. We can be reached a number of different ways including our web site at We can also be reached via e-mail at or by fax at (949) 863-9021. And of course mail can be sent to us at the convention address: AgamemCon, 92 Corporate Park, Suite C-330, Irvine CA 92606.

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