These are just some of the many guests who will be joining us:

Jerry Doyle
Garibaldi: Babylon 5
Candidate for the U. S. House of Representatives, 24th Congressional District

Tracy Scoggins
"Capt. Elizabeth Lockley": Babylon 5 & Crusade

Alexandra Tydings
Aphrodite: Xena & Hercules

John Copeland
Producer: Babylon 5 & Crusade

Stephen Furst
Vir: B5; Director: B5 & Crusade

William Schmidt
Creator & Executive Producer: Prey

Evan Chen
Composer: Babylon 5: ACTA & Crusade

Greg Keyes
Author: Babylon 5 PsiCorp Trilogy

David Brooks
Max Eilerson: Crusade

Jeff Conaway
Zack Allen: Babylon 5

Peter Woodward
Galen: Babylon 5: ACTA & Crusade

Tucker Smallwood
Commodore Ross: Space: Above and Beyond

Glenn Campbell
Visual Effects Supervisor: Space Above and Beyond

Bear Burge
Prop Maker: Babylon 5, Crusade, Space: Above & Beyond, etc.

Alan Kobayashi
Graphic Artist: Star Trek (various) & Babylon 5

Tim Earls
Concept Designer & Visual Effects Art Director: Babylon 5, Crusade & Star Trek: Voyager

Geoffrey Mandel
Graphic Artist: Star Trek Voyager, JAG, Space: Above and Beyond

Chris Nagle
Grip: Babylon 5; Founder and President: California Dream Catcher

Michael Colbert
Electrician: Babylon 5 & Crusade; Writer: Babylon 5 magazine, Destination Space on-line magazine

Maggie Egan
ISN Anchor: B5 & Crusade

Scott MacDonald
Actor: Babylon 5: ACTA, Space: Above & Beyond, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager

Kristian Sorensen
Actor/Military Coordinator: Space: Above and Beyond - Chig #7

JohnBro Wilkie
Space: Above and Beyond -Chig #3

Lisa M. Getto
Actor: Babylon 5

Richard Lynch
Actor: Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek: The Next Generation

Other guests to be announced as their written confirmation come in.

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