Fan Tables

AgamemCon provides Fan Tables for organizations that would like active representation at the con (e.g., fan clubs, special interest groups, non-profit organizations, other conventions and convention bids, etc.). Fan Tables are provided free of charge. However, tables DO NOT come with convention memberships. AgamemCon requires that anyone staffing a Fan Table at the convention have a valid convention membership. For membership rates and other information please see our Membership Rates section.

No retail sales are allowed at the tables with the exception of memberships and merchandise that is directly related to the organization. Example, a Star Trek fan club could solicit memberships and sell things like a T-shirt for their club but couldn't sell any Star Trek toys, books, comics, or other collectibles, etc. that could reasonably be found in a Dealers' Room.

Tables are assigned on a 'first come-first served' basis. AgamemCon reserves the right to refuse table space to any group it deems inappropriate for the con, and reserves the right of placement of a group in the Fan Table area. We will try to honor any special needs (like the group is bringing a small TV/video unit and needs to be near a power outlet) to the extent possible.

To reserve a Fan Table at AgamemCon, please print and fill out the form below. Then mail this form to the convention at:

AgamemCon IV
Attn: Fan Tables
92 Corporate Park
Suite C, PMB 330
Irvine, CA 92606

Check back here later for the list of conventions, clubs, and organizations have reserved fan table space at AgamemCon IV. Please e-mail with any additional questions.

Name of Organization: ______________________________________________________________

Contact Person: ___________________________________________________________________

Mailing address: ___________________________________________________________________


Phone number: ____________________________ Fax number: _____________________________

E-mail address: ____________________________ Web site: ________________________________

Brief description of the group's purpose/activities: ___________________________________________



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