The Planetary Society

OASIS, Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the National Space Society

OASIS is the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the National Space Society. They will be sponsoring all of the programming in Panel Room C (also refered to as the OASIS Room).

The OASIS panels will focus on what is really out in space and how we can get there.

OASIS Guests

Bruce Boxleitner
National Space Society Board of Governors

Robert Gounley
JPL, Deep Space 1 program

Jeff Laube
Lockheed-Martin VentureStar program

Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink
Hughes Space and Communications

Warren James
VentureStar program and Hour25 host

Steve Bartlett
Microcosm, Inc. Scorpius rocket program and past Space Station program

Mark Holthaus
Reaction Research Society

William Ernoehazy, M.D.
Doctor of Emergency Medicine, on space medicine

Dr. Jim Busby
space educator, space museum curator, technical advisor on "From the Earth to the Moon"

Dr. Seth Potter
Boeing Company, expert on space solar power and space education

Phil Turek
Whitney High School, Space Educator

Dr. Tom McDonough
Planetary Society's SETI project

Dr. Steve Pravdo
NASA-JPL, Near Earth Asteroid Search

Dr. Randii Wesson
NASA-JPL, Cassini Mission

Terry Hancock
on the Search for Extra Solar Planets

Norm Cook
Boeing Company, on the International Space Station program

Chris Butler
space artist - Griffith Observatory

The Planetary Society

Carl Sagan and Bruce Murray founded the Planetary Society in 1979 as a non-profit organization to advance the exploration of the solar system and to continue the search for extraterrestrial life. The Society has grown to be the world's largest space interest group with 100,000 members in over 140 countries.

The Planetary Society Guests

Charlene Anderson
Associate Director of the Planetary Society

Andre Bormanis
Freelance writer and Science Consultant for Star Trek Voyager, as well as Star Trek films and Star Trek Deep Space 9; also a consultant to the Planetary Society

John Copeland
Executive VP of Production for NDEI, Producer of B5 and Crusade

Michael Eastwood
Electro-Optical Systems Engineer, JPL, and technical advisor to Crusade

Kari Magee
Planetary Scientist/Systems Engineer, JPL, and technical advisor to Crusade

Joe Petricca
Associate Director, Workshops and Special Projects, American Film Institute

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