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6/9/99 - TheHARE's B5 Food Run Will meet in The Hilton Labby at 5:00 pm Friday & going to Wild Tymes, A hang out For the B5 cast. This will be the 4th time For the Food Run At a Con 3 of them at LosCons & they all ben Fun All are Welcome.

6/3/99 - My name is Anna. I'm looking for somebody to invite me to stay for the period of Convention. Contact me via E-mail at, or use ICQ# 17702959. Thanx.

Join us for the SECOND ANNUAL SPACE READY RESERVE R&R, to be held Saturday, June 12, 1999 from 6:00PM until ?? at the AgamemConIII convention. Price: $15 (discount avail- able with AgamemCon badge). For more information, please contact: Susan at Semper Fi!

5/25/99 - My name is Jani, I am female, 40-ish, tidy (so I won't intrude on other roommates' space), considerate of bathroom time and not messing it for others' use, have been in fandom for 25 years, and would like to share Friday and Saturday nights. Will pay my share according to number of roommates. My only requests are that they be non-smokers and are not opposed to turning on the a/c in the room, especially if the weather is warm. Please contact me c/o OR weekdays at 801-531-1483, x100. ONLY if you call BEFORE 8:00 a.m. or AFTER 6:30 p.m. MST (Utah), you can leave a message at 800-356-5687, x100. Thank you.

5/18/99 - The BB News Grapevine/FanCom is hosting a party on Friday night at 10pm. Stop by the club table for details.

5/17/99 - B5 AOL Fans! Several of us are coming to the con this year. We are going to try and have one meeting in a 'breakout' room. Look for the Eclipse Cafe sign. Email me PMSallume on AOL if you're coming.

4/30/99 - Roommate Wanted. M/F for Fri and Sat nights. Contact Charles Gousha at

3/11/99 - Clan McDude is proud to present the Bonny Knees Contest.
Men, come in your kilts, shorts or speedos and let the ladies of the clan judge who has the bonniest knees of the convention. Awards for all participants with a special prize for the winner. Friday night 10:30 pm poolside between the tower and the lobby. Be there. If you dare.

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