The Marc Alaimo Weekend
June 11-13, 1999 at the Radisson Hotel in Agoura Hills, CA
Yes, it's the same weekend as AgamemCon but they are a fan run con (and a cool bunch).
Toronto Trek
July 9-11, 1999 at the Regal Constellation Hotel in Toronto, Canada
SPACE:1999 Breakaway: The Convention
Sept. 10-13, 1999 at the Radisson Hotel in Los Angeles, California
Guests include almost all the the original cast.
November 26-28, 1999 at the Hilton Burbank Airport Hotel in Burbank, California
Gallifrey 2000
February 18-20, 2000 at the Airtel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys, California

Clubs and Organizations

West Coast Chapter of the National Space Society
The Planetary Society
LASFS is a Los Angeles area science fiction club that runs LosCon.
BB News Grapevine
Comlink AgamemCon Site
Check to see which of your Comlink friends are also coming to AgamemCon.
The Space Ready Reserve
Space: Above and Beyond News & Reviews
Space Rourism Society

Other interesting links

ZTX Productions
ZTX provides the excellent sound system for Agamemcon
Irwin Allen News Network
Crusade- The Quest for Life
TNT Babylon 5 web site
Lurker's Guide
Phoenix Entertainment
Blars' Con Listing
Save Crusade

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