Two panel rooms are going to be active from 10:00am to 6:00pm (or later) each of the three days. Guests will include actors from Babylon 5 and other shows as well as writers, directors, producers, CGI experts, prop makers, costume designers and make-up artists. Other guests will include sf authors, space scientists and game designers.

OASIS - National Space Society Room
Last year we had three panels provided by OASIS (the west coast chapter of the National Space Society). It worked out so well that this year they will have a panel room of their own and will have programming throughout the run of the convention!

Dealers Room
Check out our dealers room for that hard to find item you've been questing for! We will be listing our dealers on the dealers list as they sign up. So check it out and bring those lists. The dealers list will also contain contact information so you can be sure that the dealer knows to bring that one item you've been hunting for.

Looking to promote your club or convention? Want to host a room party? Well, make your hotel reservation now! We have arranged for a special party floor on the East Tower (this is the one closest to the convention center and also has many suites available). If you are hosting a room party, please remember to request the ‘party floor' when making you reservations. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Join us on Friday at 8:00pm along with our guest host for the evening Jack Stauffer as we welcome a special musical performance by Bill Mumy and band live on stage.

Make-up Demo
Sunday will feature a special hair and make-up demo by Kim Ferry. Kim has once again agreed to hold a live demo where she will make one lucky person up as a Centauri. For those of you who were with us last year you may remember this very entertaining and informative session. But who to pick? Kim has asked, and we have agreed, that once again the chance to participate will be auctioned off. Due to the specific hair style requirements, the winner must be male and have at least shoulder length hair. The auction will be held on Saturday and this year the proceeds will benefit the Penny Lane charity.

We will be featuring a return of our masquerade/costume contest Saturday night at 8:00pm. Those who were at AgamemCon II will remember what a great success our first one was. We look forward to doing even better this year. So come show off your creativity! Sign up in advance or by that afternoon. For more information or to help, please email: Cat Devereaux.

Imediately following our masquerade, we will be hosting AgamemCon's first dance. We'll have lot's of great music, munchies, and the ever-present no-host-bar.

Gaming Room
Our gaming room will feature role playing and tactical games and tournaments. Be sure to check the gaming page for a list of open tournaments. Precedence Publishing will be demoing the Babylon 5 Collectable Card Game Saturday and Sunday mornings. Join them to learn this card game that requires stratagy and diplomacy.

Video Room
Once again we will be showing rare and hard to find videos amd films.

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