AgamemCon III, A Science Fiction Convention

[Babylon 5]

June 11-13 1999

at the Hilton Burbank Airport
Burbank, California

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Guests sponsored by OASIS
Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the National Space Society

Guests sponsored by The Planetary Society

What's New

6/9/99 Panel Schedule:

Some final updates and additions to the panel schedule.

6/9/99 Gaming Schedule:

Some final updates and additions to the gaming schedule.

6/9/99 Message Board:

TheHARE's B5 Food Run

6/8/1999 Sponsors:

Aldo Spadoni will not be able to make it due to work constraints.

6/3/99 Events:

Precedence Publishing will be demoing the Babylon 5 Collectable Card Game Saturday and Sunday mornings in the game room. Join them to learn this card game that requires stratagy and diplomacy.

6/2/99 Guest Update:

Peter Jurasik, previously announced as recent guest addition, will not be able to attend this year's convention. Peter has had to schedule a rather complicated heart surgery in the coming week. As such, he will more then likely not be up and about enough to attend the convention. We all wish him the very best and hope for a speedy recovery.

At Peter's request, Andreas Katsulas has very graciously agreed to step in to take his place at AgamemCon. Though sad that Peter cannot be with us this year, we would like to give a warm welcome to Andreas as well as our thanks for stepping up to bat at this late hour.

6/2/1999 Guests:

Mercedes Ngoh - "Rystall" (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi SE)
Jeff Rector (Sliders, ST:TNG, etc.)
Jerry Rector (Sliders, ST:TNG, etc.)

5/26/1999 Dealer's List:

Sci Fi Stuff
Knight Ware Inc.
Darlene Ney
Dragon Gems

5/26/1999 Cancelation

Unfortunately we have to announce that Reiner Schone will not be able to join us for this year's convention. Mr. Schone will be on location in Germany from June 2-25, filming "Deadly Exposure". We wish him great sucess in this and future projects.

Jesus Trevino has regrettably had to drop out of this years convention due to a directorial assignment in Canada during the run of the con. We wish him the best of luck and hope that he will be able to join us next year.

Gerrard Christopher has had to cancel his appearance at AgamemCon III as he will be out of the area.

5/18/1999 Information Pages:

T-Shirt Order Form
Progress Report 2

5/17/1999 Panel Room Schedule

5/12/1999 Links:

Space Tourism Society

5/3/99 Registration:

Pre-Reg Extended to May 22! It's still not too late to get in at the $35 rate! See the Membership Form for more information.

4/8/1999 Events:

Make-Up Demo

Special Events

Join us on Friday at 8:00pm along with our guest host for the evening Jack Stauffer as we welcome a special musical performance by Bill Mumy and band live on stage.

Make-up Demo
Sunday will feature a special hair and make-up demo by Kim Ferry. Kim has once again agreed to hold a live demo where she will make one lucky person up as a Centauri. For those of you who were with us last year you may remember this very entertaining and informative session. But who to pick? Kim has asked, and we have agreed, that once again the chance to participate will be auctioned off. Due to the specific hair style requirements, the winner must be male and have at least shoulder length hair. The auction will be held on Saturday and this year the proceeds will benefit the Penny Lane charity.

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